"...the path of the just is like the shining sun that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day." Proverbs 4:18
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"Thank you for such a great class! Writing the story of my journey in the faith made my mind think on the noble things and on how to make them real and practical. A memoir is usually written at the "end" of life looking back, but God's Path to Golden Splendor and the ALBUM have helped me think about what I really want to claim at the end of my life, and have made real what my hopes and goals ought to be."
--Julie Chung

"…thank you! The light you have shined on my life has reminded me to polish off my sword and fight the wolf threatening to consume me. The book, God's Path to Golden Splendor, got me prepared for writing my thoughts in the ALBUM. Everyone needs the book and the ALBUM! ...I am MUCH younger than most readers, and just starting my family, and the Christian Heritage Memory ALBUM has provided me with such richness and tools to pass on to my daughter and to constantly remind me of my First Love... It has ignited a fire in my heart that I pray will burn with such passion and light in the decades to come."
--Grace Kim

"The ALBUM, God's Path From Generation to Generation, is invaluable!"
--Barbara Lowman

"I wish my husband had done his story at the same time with me.
Couples should complete their Albums together so their kids will “see” their whole legacy.”
--Carolyn Berry, Christian Speaker/Teacher

"Your ministry really helped me to learn to express my thoughts and my testimony."
-Pat Wooton